Defects in the development of the hottest aquatic

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Defects in the development of aquatic food packaging machinery

the main problems of food packaging machinery are: there is a big gap with foreign products. China's food packaging machinery has made great achievements in recent years, but there is still a 20-year technical gap compared with foreign products. More single machines, less complete sets; There are many main machines and few auxiliary machines; There are many products with low technology content and few products with high technology, high added value and high productivity; There are many general models, but few models with special requirements and special material processing. The quality gap of mechanical products is mainly manifested in poor stability and reliability, backward modeling, rough appearance, short service life of basic parts and supporting parts, short trouble free operation time, and the vast majority of products have not yet developed reliability standards. Compared with similar foreign products, the product performance has low production capacity and high energy consumption. The hourly production capacity of better products is only 1/2 of the foreign advanced level, and the energy consumption is doubled higher than the foreign advanced product level. At present, only 5% of China's food and packaging machinery has reached the level of foreign countries in the 1990s, 20% has reached the level of foreign countries in the 1980s, and 60% has reached the level of foreign countries in the 1970s

low scientific research and development ability. The vast majority of food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in China are small and medium-sized enterprises, which basically do not have the ability of independent research and development; Due to the insufficient investment in scientific research and the imperfect experimental conditions of research institutes and colleges and universities, the products in China's market are mainly domestic products with imitation, surveying and mapping or slight transformation. The technology of the industrial main body depends on foreign countries, and there are few products with independent intellectual property rights. According to the regulations, the investment in technology development can account for 3% of the sales revenue, but most enterprises invest little capital, which can not guarantee the development of new products and technologies. Product development is lack of innovation, development means are backward, and products cannot be provided in time to keep up with market demand

the scale of the enterprise is small, and the experimental machine industry should make a breakthrough in non-contact deformation measurement technology and fully automatic deformation measurement technology as soon as possible, with serious repeated construction. Most of China's food packaging enterprises are relatively small, "Small and complete "Is one of its main characteristics. The annual output value of most enterprises is between millions and 10million, and there are many enterprises less than 1million. The per capita labor productivity of most enterprises is less than 100000 yuan. Nearly 15% of enterprises change production or close down every year, but another 15% of enterprises join this industry, which is extremely unstable. At the same time, there is a group of global high-level innovative talents who repeatedly produce those low-cost and processes regardless of the development requirements of the industry For mechanical products that are relatively backward and easy to manufacture, about 1/4 enterprises in the transparent filling masterbatch industry currently have low-level repeated production. This is a great waste of resources, causing chaos in the packaging machinery market and hindering the development of the industry

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