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Decomposition and reconstruction in the process of modern graphic design in China

Abstract: how will design develop and change in the future? What is the purpose of future design? How will the standards of design evaluation change in the future? What will future design mean for human development? Today, when modern design shapes a "man-made world", which in turn shapes human beings themselves, we have to think about these issues

as the main part of visual communication art, modern graphic design art has experienced the transformation from industrialized society to information society. Chinese graphic design art is influenced by Eastern and Western cultural trends and artistic styles in concept, function, semantics and formal expression. Under the general trend of diversified development of modern design, with the intervention of new concepts in the way of human survival, the guidance of thinking and the expression of emotion, we find that the laws used in graphic design are gradually being broken, the inherent symbolic phenomenon is being deconstructed, and human beings strive to find a reasonable visual space in the mileage across the century., The development of modern graphic design in China has formed new design requirements

(I) have personalized design needs. The emergence of computers in the mid-1980s has brought us unprecedented speed ----- the speed of business operations and the speed of change. Importantly, the dramatic change in the global business environment means that customers can be contacted through direct mail and television advertising. All this has created a fierce environmental element for designers in the graphic design industry. At present, there is an overlap between the business and design industries, and the design work must be able to mark its territory in this new environment with high demand. Design should not only keep up with the development of aesthetics, but also catch up with the progress of science and technology. With the increasing number of surrounding signs, designers have to adapt to unfamiliar new fields. The network field, which plays a leading role in both design and production, is one of them. Under various pressures brought about by technology, the graphic design industry seems to have the possibility of gradual decline. But in fact, on the contrary, the new challenges put forward by the business community not only strengthen the importance of design, but also improve the potential ability of design. When graphic design is stylized, its design creativity must be personalized. Personalization is the designer's unique opinion on the personality differences of graphic design, and design becomes infinite transcendence and free expression. Through the reorganization of design elements such as design content and layout, practitioners in the graphic design industry seek individuality and advocate design style in the evolution. Display your extraordinary energy and creative spirit, and design will have more vitality on the road of personality expression

(II) have international and diversified design needs. In an almost constantly changing international environment, graphic designers have to keep pace with their clients as much as possible; One of the biggest changes experienced by customers is the shift towards more diverse labor objects, which has been particularly intense in the past decade. Thus, people have to try to face the public in design. In modern graphic design works, images of different nationalities are recombined through needs, and all new components are taken into account. The design description is as broad as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying diverse cultural information

In the 1990s, the internationalization of telecommunications and the corresponding international characteristics of business have given new significance to the understanding of cultural and national differences. The common ones are as follows:. This is especially true when countries become more and more important in their interdependence in financial and trade exchanges. At the same time, in terms of culture, especially youth culture, has become more and more globalized, and music and advertising have become a particularly powerful force, accompanied by the ability to follow the changes of the country and self-renewal of ideas. The combination of design images from different nationalities and cultures has entered the exchange activities of various countries, and even led to a more integrated young generation. In the field of graphic design, graphics is its visual language, which gives people a common feeling. Its biggest feature is to pursue international vision and make the design have first-class quality. The globalization and diversification of the design needs of graphic creation, thinking angle, public understanding put forward a rational cognitive view. The language expression of modern graphic design is consistent in conception and expression. "Conciseness, expressiveness, cleverness and wisdom, watching the trend of modern design in the world and studying the impact of modern society on graphic design are very necessary to maintain sharp design thinking and integrate works with modern world design.

(III) Space time design requirements. The position of graphic design is very different from that in the past. In terms of viewing methods, whether clicking through the eyes or with the mouse, the way of in-depth design of space is also different. The most important thing is that the speed is faster than before. Graphic design used to be created in two-dimensional state. After experiencing two-dimensional stylized design, designers are exploring new interfaces and trying to open a new thinking space. Scientific and technological progress and global informatization have shortened the space-time difference to some extent. Human imagination extends with the change of the concept of space-time. Graphic design also gradually extends from two-dimensional to three-dimensional to four-dimensional space. Space-time and technology in design show us rich space symbols. The mystery outside the universe, the existence of celestial bodies. The eastern and Western spatial imagination factors, the superposition, perspective, dislocation and gradual change of design images seem to bring us to the big space of three-dimensional thinking. It conforms to the formulation of transcending and breaking through the two-dimensional plane put forward earlier by the graphic design community. Create an out of control landscape in the visual space. Taking the plane layout as an example, in the 1980s, traditional journal designers often highlighted the main points of articles by changing the lines of headlines and subtitles in the layout of the same font, and distinguished the big and small titles with the size and shape of the font, rather than listing all the words in the headlines together and separating them from the big and small titles. Now, we can see the titles arranged in various ways: some are at the edge of the page, some cross the whole page or cross two pages, some stand next to the article, and some are close to or even trapped in the text. These arrangements will undoubtedly give the layout a sense of three-dimensional. In the process of graphic designers stepping into other media design, beyond two-dimensional design is an important requirement

in addition, the way of highlighting the key content has also changed. Designers no longer make the whole Title larger than the text font. On the contrary, the size of the text in the title can be different. This design rule that designers break enables them to design lines of text in any new style that they think is appropriate. Through this design, text and graphics will jump vividly on the page, screen, packaging box, bottle label or more. This dynamic feeling is a typical characteristic representative of print and interactive graphics, and it is the demand of design in the new era

(IV) regional localization design needs refer to the design ideas gradually formed by designers through thinking in their local environment. No matter how fashionable the design is, the region, thinking and lifestyle determine their design style, and the local culture has a certain impact on their design. Therefore, the regional growth of designers determines their cognitive view of design. If designers can complete graphic design works based on local culture, the images they create will have their own national ideas and independent expression ability. In this way, people can understand the context of historical development. From the perspective of artistic development, modern design concept has a certain origin with traditional Chinese visual modeling elements, both in form and form. We know that many schools of modern graphic design come from Impressionism, cubism, constructivism and other modern painting styles, and these western modern paintings were more or less influenced by Oriental Art when they were enlightened, especially the form and form processing methods of scattered perspective, virtual and real density, white space and so on emphasized by Chinese traditional painting, which are beyond doubt for their enlightenment. Through this sort of combing, it should be said that it is more logical to find the coincidence point between the old modeling elements and modern design and improve the former. For the old modeling elements with Chinese regional characteristics, the transformation of their morphology makes the elements not only transmit the modern design concept, but also enable the old elements to truly transmit the modern information of the carrier with low power consumption, which is in line with the function of modern design, so as to get rid of the limitations and semantic deviations of the elements in use. For local designers, it is very important to keep a systematic graphic design of water and soil research

(V) humanized design needs and green design. Humanized design and green design are the themes of design in the 21st century, and design carries the heavy responsibility of comforting human spirit and soul. Young people buy goods to publicize their personality and glow with vigorous youthful vitality. Young people buy goods to fill the loss of youth and show a sense of maturity and self achievement; The elderly have a sense of nostalgia and a sense of calm after many vicissitudes. In fact, all designs are people-oriented and centered on people's needs. Graphic design is no exception. The aesthetic concept of stimulating consumption has become the only criterion for modern graphic design, resulting in energy waste, resource destruction and ecological imbalance. The crisis brought about by industrial civilization is awakening more and more people

the demand for green design puts forward a serious topic for graphic designers, which emphasizes protecting nature and ecology, making full use of resources, putting people first and being good to the environment. As the graphic design industry and its periphery, it will bring new life connotation to the design, no matter from idea to expression. With the development of the times and the change of people's aesthetic concept, the design works as a real product, on the one hand, improve the practical function and meet the needs, on the other hand, follow the modern aesthetic trend and pursue the mood of beauty. The usual blind visual stimulation behavior often causes visual disasters. Human beings are trapped in strong colors and rigid graphics. Therefore, it is very necessary to visually use the concept of green design to maintain a reasonable visual order in graphic design, stop visual pollution, and improve the coordination between design works and human beings. On the other hand, by conveying the attention to the environment, images and words related to nature, phrases are also of great significance, and the professional language of graphic design has begun to adapt to these changes, Designers are beginning to realize their role as the main decision-maker in the application of paper consumption and pollution technology by adopting a dual space structure. In 1996, the American Academy of graphic arts published the "environmental guide in graphic design". He also drafted a manual of "ecology of design" for a paper manufacturer, which provides American designers with guidelines on reducing environmental impact. In China, people have gradually realized the importance of people-oriented green design, which will be the long-term demand of the development of Chinese graphic design

in the modern graphic design art after decomposition and reconstruction, the future design will focus on peace

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