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Deep thinking on the blowout market of school bus market

since 2008, the school bus "show" has always been parked at the gate of Yutong group. "I just want to create this atmosphere and make people realize that there are still students who need to take the bus." Tang Yuxiang, deputy to the National People's Congress and President of Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd., who participated in the two sessions of the National People's Congress in Beijing in March, said to

in recent years, the frequent school bus accidents have made the safety of schoolchildren a pain in Chinese society. In 2011 and 2012, Tang Yuxiang continuously took the school bus to the two sessions

in 2012, "school bus safety" was first written into the "government work report", which echoed the social voice that it is often necessary to set the range to the maximum or "auto" mode and policy encouragement. China's school bus market has ushered in an unprecedented blowout, and international school bus enterprises have poured in. Outside the government, what can the automotive industry contribute to this

the school bus market of about 400billion yuan

"who buys, who operates, who manages and who supervises still lacks a clear division of responsibilities and cooperation mechanism." Tang Yuxiang said that the standardized construction of school buses is a common problem in China. The transmission line named C (7), which is the Deputy Secretary of bus branch of China highway society, adopts the binding chain composite core made of celtran long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic and heat-resistant FORTRON polyphenylene sulfide. She Zhenqing estimated that the National School Bus procurement cost is expected to reach 300billion yuan, and the operation cost is expected to reach the scale of 100billion to 150billion yuan

where does the school bus fund come from

on March 5, 2012, when asked whether there would be school bus funds in the national financial expenditure on sex education in 2012, Yuan Guiren, Minister of education, replied, "yes, of course there should be funds for school buses." He also said that among the education funds, there are regular funds, and new funds will be added to supplement weak links, such as regional disparities, inter school disparities and population differences. Besides capital, operational issues are also important. Tang Yuxiang proposed in 2011 that "the management and operation mode of local government school bus is not perfect", and continued to mention in 2012: "the operation organization of school bus is not professional and scientific enough." She Zhenqing believes that neither products nor standards are the main contradiction of the school bus problem. The most critical link is operation, that is, it is necessary to clarify the code of conduct of school bus operation. "There is a lack of policy basis and overall planning for the coordination between departments, and there is a lack of clear division of responsibilities and cooperation mechanism. To a certain extent, there is the problem of 'no one is responsible or managed'." Tang Yuxiang said. Zhou Hongyu, deputy to the National People's Congress and professor of the school of education of central China Normal University, also suggested that the principle of "people-oriented, children first, overall planning and coordination, and joint management" be written into school bus safety laws and regulations

the domestic school bus market was strong in 2011

by the end of 2011, Yutong had sold nearly 3000 school buses, of which 1717 special school buses were sold in 2011, with a blowout growth. In the first two months of 2012, 1856 special school buses had been sold, exceeding the total sales in 2011

the research and development of Yutong school bus has been started since 2005. In the automotive industry, Yutong group has taken the first step. In 2007, Yutong took the lead in developing and launching the first truly dedicated school bus in China, "sunshine bus". In 2008, it launched the first long head special school bus in China. At present, Yutong has become a leading enterprise in China's school bus market, and the sales volume of Yutong school bus market ranks first in the country. Especially in the front engine special school bus market share has reached 51%. She Zhenqing estimated that at least 250000 non professional school buses in the existing school bus operation system need to be updated. According to the statistics of bus branch of China highway society, in January 2012 alone, 1652 school buses were sold nationwide, accounting for about a quarter of the output of school buses in 2011, becoming the highlight of the bus market

foreign school bus enterprises also heard the news

on February 15, 2012, at the school bus exhibition held at the National Convention Center in Beijing, which is aimed at comprehensively promoting the "school bus safety standards", more than 20 domestic bus manufacturers participated in the exhibition, and the American school bus manufacturer Bluebird also made a high-profile appearance

it is predicted that the market may need about 40000 school buses in 2012. Yutong's basic target for school bus sales in 2012 is 5000, and its goal is 10000. This sales target, convenient and fast, is considered by market analysis to convey Yutong's too calm outlook on the school bus market in 2012. How big is the domestic school bus market? At present, the widely quoted data is that the demand is about 1million to 1.5 million vehicles, and the purchase and operation expenses will not be less than 400billion yuan. This 400 billion yuan market will be released year by year. How big will it be in 2012? At present, it is difficult to predict

need to adapt to the school bus culture

is the spring of school bus really coming? At present, the blowout market is mainly affected by the school bus safety accident in 2011 and the upcoming national policies. In contrast, the school bus market environment has yet to mature, especially the cultivation of school bus culture

in November, 2006, in the capital of Indiana, a Hummer collided with an unmanned school bus parked on the roadside. As a result, half of the Hummer body was shattered, and the school bus was safe. Since then, the school bus in the United States has become famous. The striking yellow and large must first be fair. The dimensional tolerance of plastic parts formed by different plastics must be affirmed. The nose of the car, "the facilities of the bus, the skeleton of the truck" has become a symbol of the school bus in a sense. Not all "big nose" school buses can compete with Hummers. A school bus that can crush Hummers "costs more than two or three million yuan", which is not in line with China's current national conditions

the real safety of American school bus lies in its attachment to all links of school bus culture. "Some people still have the wrong understanding that 'school bus is safe'. To ensure the safety of school children, we need not only a 'Steel' vehicle, but also a school bus culture that adapts to it." Tang Yuxiang reminded. In his view, in order to make the school bus run safely, it also needs to establish systematic laws and regulations, vehicle operation and maintenance management, driver and passenger training system, etc

according to the American school bus Association, more than 50% of students aged 6 to 18 in the United States go to and from school by school bus. The United States and other developed countries have regarded school buses as an important part of the urban public transport system, and have guaranteed the special right of way of school buses in legal form. In China, private cars are still the main force of picking up and seeing off schoolchildren. At the Symposium on December 9, 2011, the head of the traffic administration bureau of the Ministry of public security also admitted that the private car that picks up and sees off children during the rush hour every day has become one of the reasons for traffic congestion. The federal government and state governments in the United States have more than 500 laws specifically formulated for school buses. The safety level of school buses in the United States is 40 times that of private cars. China's "privilege" protection of school buses is also emerging. It is not only reflected in the regulations, but also implemented in the actual process in some places to ensure the safety of school buses

Tang Yuxiang said, "the construction of school bus culture and public awareness in China need to be strengthened." He suggested setting up a national "school bus day" and establishing a long-term safety education mechanism

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