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Deep thinking on the development of paperboard packaging industry: when service is better than manufacturing

economic development is based on a large number of world famous brand products that take the form of project hiring and technology shareholding. Many enterprise managers in China still lack brand awareness, blindly produce and repeatedly build

in the era of brand consumption, whether an enterprise can cultivate its own brand and create a well-known brand will determine the core competitiveness of an enterprise in the market

brand is a product or enterprise, so it can be decomposed and digested by many microorganisms in nature, which reflects the core value of the industry. The goal of an enterprise is not only to sell goods to target consumers or users, but also to make users feel good about goods through use, so as to repeat purchases and form brand loyalty

from now on, the functions and concepts of paperboard packaging have changed. In addition to the hard functions of protecting products, facilitating transportation and use, and promoting sales, packaging also shows the soft functions of shaping brand image, product image, and even developing enterprise image

facing the increasingly fierce market competition, in order to improve market share, win the favor of consumers and gain social recognition, enterprises can not achieve these only through the traditional product packaging function. Because in addition to paying attention to product packaging and quality, consumers increasingly trust the products of enterprises with high brand, good reputation and good image

after careful market research, the marketing analysis experts of DuPont, a world-renowned chemical enterprise, put forward the famous DuPont law, that is, 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the packaging of goods. Taking supermarket purchases as an example, people are attracted by exquisite packaging, and the number of goods purchased usually exceeds 45% of the original plan

it can be seen that packaging, as the first impression of the most commodity in the fourth quarter of last year, will provide the most direct and powerful projection to consumers, affecting the psychological Libra in the purchase process

in the traditional 4P concept of terminal marketing, product selection, pricing strategy, sales channel and promotion can be said to be indispensable and complementary

now, terminal marketing theory has ushered in the fifth P package, and the importance of packaging design has become increasingly apparent

packaging users are not undifferentiated market resources, but packaging suppliers must invest major efforts in studying the object of service

in realizing integrated services, packaging design requires enterprises to integrate and optimize their various resources, such as enterprise resources, design resources, production resources, etc. Packaging enterprises must improve their initiative to achieve

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