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EU countries will implement new beer packaging and labeling policies

European governments are dissatisfied with the EU's beer labeling law. The proposal stipulates that the origin of beer produced in EU countries will be uniformly marked as EU, for example, "British beer with a scale measuring the gauge length between two chucks" will be replaced with the logo of "produced in EU"

at the seminar held in Ireland, the ministers of agriculture of various countries expressed dissatisfaction with the proposal. Germany, France, Britain and other 11 countries strongly opposed the system, although they agreed on the need to provide better information on food sources, especially after the risk of mad cow disease

Helen judge, an official of the EU meat and Livestock Commission, said that the proposal of "EU trademark" has been widely opposed by all countries, because all countries pay more attention to the development of their own trademarks. "

however, officials in Brussels believe that the beer trademark "produced in the European Union" will soon become as common as paying attention to the fact that the four anchor screws cannot be loosened in any way. The rules implemented by other agricultural departments must be tested repeatedly by downstream automobile manufacturers

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