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Etiktack label makes easy to open plastic bags

at present, polypropylene or polyamide film plastic bags welded in the form of flow packaging machine, which are widely used in food packaging on the market, if the bag mouth is not torn, There is no way to fight "Invest a little more money to open the bag and pour out the contents, not to mention closing the bag mouth many times. The etikt experimental machine newly invented by the French company etikouest is of superior quality. The ACK label as a sealing material for plastic packaging can easily solve this problem.

it is reported that this innovative printed label can be quickly pasted on any position of the plastic bag like an ordinary label on the production line. The label has an openable label The opening hole is connected with a grab hole, which is close to the preset opening of the plastic bag at the same time. When the label is opened, the plastic bag is opened at the same time. Due to the adoption of a patented technology registered by the company, the opening of the plastic bag is protected from being torn arbitrarily. This kind of label is also suitable for thin plastic films. It can be used not only on plastic bags welded by flow packaging machine, but also on special-shaped containers, and even on paper or aluminum packaging as a sealing device

the device is suitable for dry product packaging and products packaged under different atmospheric pressures. Consumers can open the seal and dump the contents, or directly take the contents of the bag by hand to avoid rusting and affecting the bonding with the sample in the future; And the size of the loading block should be customized according to the size of the sample; The dial indicator is installed to measure the displacement of the sample during the experiment, and then the opening can be closed many times to prevent the remaining food from being affected by moisture or contamination. The device completely seals the opening of the plastic bag and can be opened and closed more than ten times at most

this plastic bag packaging is suitable for candy, peanuts, noodles and other foods. Although it increases the product cost in packaging, it provides great convenience to consumers

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