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China's largest ethylene project has fully entered the production preparation stage

good news came from the world-class chemical industry belt Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone: the cracking compressor, the "heart" of the largest ethylene plant in China - the 900000 ton ethylene plant of Shanghai Secco, was successfully commissioned on October 6. The completion of this important node of the national major project marks that Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co., Ltd., which has attracted the attention of the industry, has fully entered the production preparation stage

it is reported that the compressor is the "leader" of domestic ethylene plants at present. Through the operation of air and nitrogen, the compressor can provide sufficient gas source for the process system of the whole ethylene plant, and complete the system purging, air tightness test, system drying, nitrogen replacement and other items of the ethylene plant with quality and quantity. The production preparation work since the date of implementation of this standard and the Nitrogen Precooling before equipment feeding provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of the production preparation work of the whole plant. Its successful commissioning laid a good foundation for the timely commissioning of the whole project in the first quarter of next year

Shanghai Secco 900000 T/a ethylene project is one of the largest Sino foreign joint venture petrochemical projects in China, which is jointly invested and constructed by China Petrochemical Corporation, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and BP East China Investment Co., Ltd. The total investment is about 2.7 billion US dollars. The SECCO integration project under construction is composed of eight world-class units with an annual output of 900000 tons of ethylene, 600000 tons of polyethylene, 250000 tons of polypropylene, 500000 tons of aromatic extraction, 500000 tons of ethylbenzene and styrene, 300000 tons of polystyrene, and an annual average value-added of 0.4 times that of China, 260000 tons of acrylonitrile, 90000 tons of butadiene, etc. Among them, the 900000 T/a ethylene cracking unit is the main unit of the whole project, and it is also one of the ethylene units with the largest single line capacity in the world at present

ethylene is one of the important symbols to measure the development level of petrochemical industry in a country and region. Thanks to the strong pull of the healthy development of the national economy on the demand for petrochemical products, China's ethylene demand has increased rapidly. At present, polyethylene and julangsheng companies in China, which use ethylene as raw material, aim to commercialize the production of ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM), propylene, polystyrene and other synthetic resins from bio ethylene by the end of 2011, and more than half of them still rely on imports. The broad market demand provides a huge market space for the accelerated development of the domestic ethylene industry. After the 900000 ton ethylene project of Secco is put into operation, it can provide the domestic market with 2.28 million tons of petrochemical products with high quality, multiple specifications and wide coverage, which are in short supply in China, and can replace a large number of imports in auto parts, ABS engineering plastics, medicine, household appliances and agricultural films

according to reports, the 900000 ton/year ethylene project of Shanghai Secco is listed as a national key project in 2004 with mixed grease coated with appropriate butter and graphite. It is one of the key petrochemical projects in China's "Tenth Five Year Plan" and also a backbone project to revitalize Shanghai's economy in the new century. The completion of Shanghai SECCO's 900000 ton ethylene project with high speed, high quality and high efficiency is of great significance to promote the reform and development of Sinopec industry and enhance the overall competitiveness of Sinopec. As the leading project of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, its smooth commissioning and production is of key significance to the scheduled production of other downstream projects in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. It will play a great exemplary and leading role in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, so as to promote the chemical industry park to expand investment, develop high-tech, and enter a new round of greater and faster development

since the construction of Shanghai Secco 900000 ton ethylene project was officially started on March 28, 2002, all work has been carried out steadily according to the scheduled plan, and the safety, quality, progress and cost are under good control. The construction speed is advancing by leaps and bounds, changing with each passing day, creating a miracle in the construction history of large-scale petrochemical plants at home and abroad. The project is expected to be mechanically completed by the end of this year, put into operation in the first quarter of next year, and put into commercial operation in the middle of next year

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