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The research and development project of manufacturing alkyd resin from waste polyester chips undertaken by Hebei Deda Chemical Co., Ltd. under the Hebei Provincial Science and technology support plan has recently passed the project acceptance organized by Cangzhou science and Technology Bureau minus the energy loss of the impact machine itself. The method developed in this project for preparing modified alkyd resin from polyester fiber sheet has obtained national invention patent, and the technology is at the domestic advanced level

this project mainly uses waste polyester yarn as raw materials. Which is better, the ball screw or the trapezoidal screw of the tensile testing machine?, After the modification of polyester filament, the performance indexes of the coating products, such as dryness, gloss, hardness, flexibility, adhesion and weatherability, are significantly improved. In addition, the project team also optimized the production process, reduced the reaction temperature, achieved the purpose of energy conservation, consumption reduction, safety and environmental protection, and reduced the production cost of coating products

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