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Introduction: Vinyl glass flake mastic is an important new product in heavy-duty anti-corrosion materials. As a manufacturer of vinyl glass flake mastic, it has requirements for the construction of vinyl glass flake mastic

vinyl glass flake mastic is composed of vinyl ester resin as the main film-forming material, supplemented by flakes, corrosion-resistant fillers, pigments, special additives, initiators, accelerators, etc. it not only retains the excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, adhesion of epoxy resin coating, but also has the characteristics of fast curing of unsaturated polyester resin and good construction performance. It not only makes up for the defect that epoxy resin coating is difficult to be applied at low temperature, but also has better temperature resistance and chemical resistance than epoxy resin, and better temperature resistance and chemical resistance than epoxy resin

vinyl ester glass flake mastic should be used as intermediate paint or surface paint, and combined with the corresponding epoxy primer to form a composite anti-corrosion coating according to the standard of the minimum 10-year service life of the vehicle (or the cumulative driving distance of 1million km)

vinyl ester glass flake coating is applicable to the corrosion prevention of steel pipes, various steel structures, storage tanks, containers, smoke desulfurization, denitration, dust removal equipment in environmental protection projects and the inner lining of flue, as well as the corrosion prevention, anti leakage and wear-resistant and anti-skid layers of various concrete structures

1. Glass flakes can prevent the erosion of water vapor and chemical solvents on the substrate. The degree of chemical resistance of the substrate or coating varies with the selected glass raw materials. The glass flake composed of C-glass has another excellent chemical resistance and durability

2. Due to the relatively large expansion coefficient of the external microcomputer compared with the base materials such as steel and cement, the resin layer is easy to crack and fall off under the condition of thermal shock, while the glass flake can be promoted into a thermal stable layer, which can prevent the cracking and peeling off of the substrate

3. Good temperature resistance. The heat resistance of glass flake lining is higher than that of similar resin coating, so the coating commonly used in oil pipeline and hot water is much harder than epoxy or polyester resin without glass flake, so it has high surface wear resistance. Pipelines, heat-resistant chemical plants, etc

4, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small

5, containing glass flakes

6. It has good compatibility and can form anti-corrosion coating with various resins

vinyl glass flake mastic is an important and indispensable raw material for the production of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings, pearlescent pigments and plastic products after pressing the test piece into a drum shape. When applied in the field of anti-corrosion, it can significantly improve the anti-corrosion performance of the coating and prolong the service life of the object; Used to make pearlescent pigments, the gloss of glass flake pearlescent pigments is far better than that of natural mica and synthetic mica pearlescent pigments, and has the functions of anti-corrosion and anti ultraviolet radiation; Used in the field of plastics, it can increase the strength of plastic products, prevent the thermal deformation of precision parts made of thermoplastic plastics, and improve their spatial stability

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