The hottest EU approves the merger of Mead and vis

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The European Union approved the merger of Mead and visvik

the European Commission approved the plan of the merger of Westvaco and Mead to become MeadWestvaco. The US Department of Justice approved the plan last month

the EU adopted simplified procedures when approving this plan. At present, there are two main situations. The simplified procedure is applicable to cases where neither customers nor competitors raise objections

the merger will be completed in the fourth quarter after the approval of the general meeting of shareholders of both parties

MeadWestvaco will be a company with assets as high as US $13billion and hit the experiment from the second data. It is the second largest coated paper manufacturer in North America with more beautiful appearance and various colors, and plays an important role in packaging, consumer products, packaging products and specialty chemicals

the total number of employees of the merged company will exceed 32000, and its headquarters will be located in Stamford, Connecticut (the new headquarters of Westvaco). The coated paper and consumer products and packaging products business will be located in Dayton, Ohio, where Mead headquarters is located

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