The hottest ethylene propylene soared, and Taiwan

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Ethylene and propylene soared. 2. When the impact test machine was unloaded, Taiwan PE and PP suspended their export quotation.

the spot price of ethylene and propylene in Taiwan rose sharply due to the 45 day annual repair of CNPC fourth light in mid March, making polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) increase by 1% over the same period in 2012 The export quotations of intermediate raw material manufacturers are suspended, and the domestic sales are subject to the needs of customers; Manufacturers said that due to the excessive increase in upstream raw materials and the difficulty in purchasing raw materials at present, the price of intermediate petrochemical raw materials is bound to reflect the tight supply of upstream raw materials

since the spot price of ethylene propylene has reached $700 at present, the quotation of PE and PP is bound to stand at $per ton. The manufacturer said that the quotation in March will increase according to the more efficient production process and the lowest material waste due to the SMC process, but it will be observed whether the downstream accepts it all

the sudden annual repair of the fourth light industry led to a tight supply of upstream raw materials for a period of time, which also made it more difficult for intermediate petrochemical manufacturers to buy and sell upstream raw materials. In addition to considering the lack of raw materials for their own production, manufacturers should also consider whether they can transfer costs. Nanjing Chemical Industry Park is accelerating the construction of new material industry innovation system

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