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Accelerating the process of "changing oil to water" in coatings and promoting industrial application becomes the key

accelerating the process of "changing oil to convenient water" in coatings and promoting industrial application becomes the key

December 18, 2017

[China coatings information]

"The 13th five year plan for the coating industry clearly formulated the VOC emission reduction plan for coating in automotive, marine, steel structure, container, engineering machinery, color steel and other industrial fields, which requires us to vigorously promote the low VOC coating, among which the development and application of water-based industrial coating is one of the priorities. This is to achieve the" action plan for volatile organic compounds reduction in key industries "by the end of 2018 The goal that the proportion of low VOC green paint specified in the regulation reaches more than 60% provides a guarantee. " Sun Lianying, President of the China Coatings Industry Association, said at the recent inaugural meeting of the water based industrial coatings branch of the China Coatings Industry Association and the Green Development Summit Forum of water based industrial coatings

in fact, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's environmental protection laws and regulations and the enhancement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, the paint market tends to be healthier and safer, and the comprehensive "oil to water" has become increasingly fierce. In, the market scale of water-based coatings in China has increased from 35.3 billion yuan to 54 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 9%. Some institutions predict that in the next five years, water-based coatings will grow at an average growth rate of 23%; By 2022, the output of water-based coatings in China will reach 6.34 million tons

the process of "oil to water" is accelerated

few people know that the ubiquitous paint is also one of the factors that cause haze. Because many solvents in oily coatings are extracted from petroleum, this extract contains a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOC), which will pollute the air and endanger human health. Because water-based coatings use water as solvent, it can effectively reduce VOC emissions and reduce environmental pollution. Industry insiders said that the VOC emission of water-based coatings is 60%-70% lower than that of oil-based coatings, and the environmental protection benefits are obvious

in recent years, with the continuous introduction of various environmental protection policies, strong policy regulation has been carried out on the coating chemical industry. Environmental friendly coatings such as water-based coatings have ushered in rapid development opportunities, and the process of "oil to water" has been gradually accelerated

at present, in architectural decoration coatings, the transformation of water-based coatings has been basically completed without strong magnetic field interference. At present, 95% continuously put forward higher, newer and more requirements for instruments and meters. The above internal and external wall coatings are water-based coatings

in the industrial field, water-based coatings are also increasingly favored by users. As a very important supporting enterprise in China's rail transit industry, Jinxi axle Co., Ltd. has been using water-based coatings since 2000. Cheng Ping, the relevant person in charge of the company, said that at present, all truck production of the company has used water-based paint, and locomotive maintenance has basically used water-based paint, including the painting of axles. "On the one hand, it is the support of policy orientation, on the other hand, it is also the responsibility of the enterprise itself. The use of water-based paint also ensures the health of the staff engaged in the coating industry."

as the key object of VOC Control in China, containers began to promote water-based coatings as early as a few years ago. Recently, China's container industry has also defined the technical route for the unified promotion and application of water-based coatings throughout the industry; The product standards, process specifications, quality inspection standards and VOCs emission accounting standards of container water-based coatings have been formulated, and the development of container industry water-based coatings has been promoted by standardized means

Wang Aimin, chief engineer of Huabao (Tianjin) coating Co., Ltd., believes that the development of water-based industrial paint in China is technically mature, and the use of water-based industrial paint under the same quality will not increase the cost of customers; The water-based industry can prepare high-quality biological material composite paint, and the quality can reach or even exceed that of solvent based products. Customers choose water-based industrial paint, and there is no need to transform the coating site, which is also applicable to cold areas in the north

promoting the application in the industrial field becomes the key

although water-based coatings have become more and more popular in the industrial field, the proportion is still much lower than that in the architectural decoration field. For example, in the field of industrial protection, water-based coatings account for only 1/3; In the field of rail transit, the proportion of domestic waterborne coatings is lower

Gao Meng, an engineer of CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd., said that rail cars in developed European countries have achieved water-based paint coating; Domestic car industry and railway locomotive and freight cars also realize water-based paint spraying. For rail cars, only a small number of urban subways have achieved water-based coating of whole vehicles in batches, and operation assessment and batch water-based application have not been achieved on EMUs. He believes that at present, for the coating of rail vehicles, the implementation standard of water-based paint is vague, and no system standard has been established, which restricts the batch use of water-based paint. In addition, the problems of waste gas treatment and waste water treatment of water-based coatings also restrict the development of water-based coatings

"in recent years, the cause of environmental protection has developed rapidly. Containers are required to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The cars that pull containers are as important as the China Europe Express and export cars. Therefore, accelerating the promotion of water-based coatings has become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry." Wang Xingming, deputy chief engineer of CRRC, said

"the ecological environment concerns all mankind. In the 21st century, we should do something valuable and meaningful. Coatings account for 20% of air pollution, of which industrial coatings account for 2/3. Therefore, vigorously solving the pollution of industrial coatings is the top priority of the work, and environmental protection is important." Zhang Jiao, chairman of Huabao (Tianjin) coating Co., Ltd., said

in order to speed up the promotion of water-based coatings, the water-based industrial coating branch of China coating industry association was established. Zhang Jiao, chairman of the water-based industrial coating branch of the China Coating Industry Association, said that in the current era of advocating environmental protection and a win-win future, upstream and downstream enterprises of water-based industrial coatings should unite to serve end users and create a new development model of industrial coating. The establishment of the branch is to unite the R & D, manufacturing and application coating enterprises interested in protecting the ecological environment, build an efficient and interactive sharing platform for the coating standards, products, technologies, information and services of water-based industrial coatings, accelerate the comprehensive transformation of the surface protection and decoration of industrial products to achieve a safe, environmental friendly and reliable application technology system of water-based industrial coatings, Continuously establish and improve the mechanisms and systems beneficial to green manufacturing and healthy development of the branch, and promote the integrated project management mode of environmental protection coating

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