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Linghua technology cloud computing solutions summit came to a perfect end

Beijing, July 23, 2015. The industry leaders of global cloud IOT, embedded computer products and application ready intelligent platforms have successfully concluded four cloud computing solutions summits jointly held by Linghua technology and Intel. At the meeting, we shared with users the latest and most front-end cloud media solutions in the industry, network communication platform solutions based on mica architecture, and the world's first mobile edge computing solution in the industry. We also showed dynamic applications such as face recognition and multimedia processing based on mcs-2040 cloud media server, which won the recognition and approval of on-site users

Linghua technology's new generation cloud media server solution has attracted much attention

at the four cloud media solution seminars held recently, without exception, the most eye-catching is the dynamic application display of face recognition and multimedia processing of mcs-2040 cloud media server with mediamanager software, which attracts on-site users to linger and actively communicate with our product R & D director to understand the product solution in an all-round way. Mcs-2040 is the first dedicated media server launched by Linghua technology. As a new generation cloud media server solution, equipped with mediamanager software, it can improve video processing performance by 6 times and system density by 4 times. It can shorten the time to market, provide a fully validated media processing ready platform for users who spend a long time, and help media service providers easily cope with the new challenges of the cloud computing era

the new mica architecture platform solution mobile edge computing solution made a wonderful debut during the cloud computing seminar, in addition to the dynamic application of cloud media server, two static product solutions were also displayed: the first csa-7200 network application platform with mica architecture to be launched by Linghua technology, and the world's first etos-1000 Mobile Edge computing solution in the industry. Linghua technology mica has introduced the OCP and RSA standard single box telecommunications and network equipment solutions, which can reduce the cots rack server design of CAPEX and OPEX of enterprises. It has high density, high performance, and high scalability. Its modular design can quickly build a flexible network and communication platform, and can be designed for different racks of the center to gradually improve the telecommunications and data ecological environment, so as to build an sdn/nfv solution. Our first Xeon level, weatherproof IP65 reinforced outdoor server can be deployed in edge Cloud Architecture (also known as MEC, mobile edge computing) and network function Virtualization (also known as nfv). From the attention of on-site users to our products, we deeply feel the users' recognition of Linghua technology

as the industry leader of the global cloud IOT, embedded computer products and intelligent computer application platform, Linghua technology actively controls the development direction of the industry market, understands customer needs, and is committed to innovating product solutions that can meet customer needs. The exhibits and dynamic applications displayed on site make users linger. We are looking forward to creating more exhibits that meet the needs of customers

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