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Line launched a new mobile payment service line pay

with 170 million active users, which is a good idea for holding the exhibition. It is ahead of the global instant mobile communication and social networking service platform line. It announced that the line pay service was officially launched worldwide (Note 1). The new service will cover mobile cash transfer and shopping services, and will be launched synchronously with line 4.8

through its huge global customer base and line network, users will be able to apply the services provided by line pay in different environments anytime, anywhere. The emergence of line pay just provides users with a safe and convenient platform, so that users can pay intelligently anytime, anywhere

no matter which mobile operator or intelligent operating system users use, they can easily pay for franchise stores or related services. At the beginning of the service launch, line pay only supports line store payment services. If users want to use this service, they only need to register their credit card in advance (Note 2), and then they can buy various paid content in the line store (), such as maps used by line and its software family

in order to celebrate the official launch of line pay service, within the specified time, any store that pays through line pay on the line store can receive a maximum of 25% reward. Line aims to further provide users with more service choices and greater convenience through various promotion activities and improving its services. In the near future, line will open more offline stores and additional functions, including remittance and transfer between line users. Please wait and see

about the security of line pay

the user must set a separate password for line pay, which is different from the original line password and cannot be repeated. In addition, if the user logs in to the line pay service on another mobile device, or needs to replace his mobile device for some reason, the user must enter the special password set for the two cylinders a and bay specified in line P before using payment and other transfer functions. In this way, even if the line account is logged in by a third party, the line pay service can be prevented from being used by a third party. With the increasing requirements of the government and the public on environmental protection, in order to make full use of the advantages of mobile services, when users want to make payment transactions on the PC platform every time, users will also be required to verify their line account on their intelligence, so as to avoid unauthorized third parties from using line pay services. In addition, when the user uses the line pay payment service on the PC platform, the system will also use Apple's touch ID fingerprint authentication technology (iPhone only) to verify the user's password and conduct intelligent authentication. At the same time, line will also use the monitoring system to detect and report line accounts suspected of illegal activities, so as to ensure a safe and reliable payment service for users. The management and operation of line pay service will strictly comply with the standards of Japanese financial institutions and line pay Corporation (Note 3) to ensure the safety of all users' funds

line introduction

line is an intelligent application platform that provides users with free text and message services, voice calls and group dialog functions, and supports up to 200 users to use it at the same time. Line integrates many different interactive elements, including maps, home pages, dynamic messages and official account functions. Since the launch of line in June 2011, this cross platform mobile communication platform has added more additional applications, providing functions from games to anti-virus software. Today, 5. Experimental step line has become a cultural trend indicator for 170 million active users in 230 regions and markets. It has also topped the list of free apps in more than 70 countries and regions

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