Operation and usage of the hottest slurry sealer

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Operation and use method of slurry sealer

slurry sealer is a special equipment that paves slurry mixture (a uniform mixture of appropriately graded aggregate, filler, asphalt lotion and water in proportion) on the road surface with a certain thickness to form a dense and wear-resistant road surface. Its characteristics are that it can pave and mix the mixture on site at normal temperature, with fast construction speed, high production efficiency and no pollution, and can improve the waterproof, flatness and anti sliding ability of the pavement, and prolong the service life of the pavement. Slurry sealer generally adopts mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration technology, and uses electronic detection device to realize centralized control through computer, with a high degree of automation. Now the operation essentials of this machine are introduced

1. Technical preparation before construction:

before the construction of the machine, check the oil pump, water pump system, oil (lotion) and water pipeline on the machine, and check whether each control valve is faulty; Start and stop tests shall be carried out on each part of the machine to check whether the operation is normal; For the sealing machine with automatic control function, use automatic control to operate its air transportation; To check the linkage of the sequence between the components; After the whole machine operates normally, the feeding system on the machine must be calibrated. The calibration method is: fix the output speed of the engine, adjust the opening of each material door or valve, and obtain the discharge volume of various materials under different opening in unit time; According to the mix proportion obtained from the indoor test, find out the corresponding opening of the material door on the calibration curve, and then adjust and fix the opening of each material door to ensure that the materials can be supplied according to this proportion in the construction

2. Operation during construction:

first drive the slurry sealer to the starting point of paving construction, adjust the guide sprocket in front of the machine to align it with the direction control line of the machine, adjust the paving groove to the required width, and hang it at the tail of the machine. The position of the paving groove and the tail of the machine must be parallel; Confirm the output scale of various materials on the machine; Each transmission clutch on the separator, then start the engine and make it reach the normal speed, then engage the engine clutch and start the clutch transmission shaft; Connect the conveyor belt clutch, and quickly open the water valve and lotion valve at the same time, so that the aggregate, lotion, water and cement can enter the mixing drum in proportion at the same time (if the automatic control operation system is used, just press a button, and after starting, all materials can enter the mixing drum according to the designed discharge volume at the same time); When the slurry mixture in the mixing drum reaches the amount of half a drum, open the mixing drum for disk contact test, so that the mixture flows into the paving tank; At this time, it is also necessary to carefully observe the consistency of the slurry mixture and adjust the water supply to make the slurry mixture reach the required consistency; When the slurry mixture is filled with 2/3 of the empty accumulation in the paving tank, start the machine for uniform paving, and at the same time, open the water spray pipe at the lower part of the sealer to spray water to wet the road surface; When one of the spare materials on the sealing machine has been finished, the clutch of the conveyor belt should be immediately disengaged, the lotion valve and the water valve should be switched off, and the machine will stop moving after all the slurry mixtures in the mixing drum and paving tank are paved, and the material will be loaded again for paving after cleaning. Valve inlet pump industrial washing machine

3. Precautions for the operation of slurry sealer:

① after starting the diesel engine on the chassis, it should run at a medium speed to maintain the uniformity of paving speed

② after the machine is started, when the clutch of aggregate and belt conveyor is connected to make the aggregate conveyor enter the working state, the waterway ball valve must be opened when the aggregate begins to enter the mixing drum, and the lotion three-way valve must be turned after about 5S to make the lotion spray into the mixing drum

③ when the amount of slurry reaches about 1/3 of the capacity of the mixing drum, open the slurry discharge valve and adjust the height of the mixing drum discharge valve. Its stock in the lotion cylinder should be kept at 1/3 of the cylinder capacity

④ observe the slurry mixture at any time. Note: 1. For objects after 20kg, the breakpoint ratio can be adjusted to 80. (2) measure the sample size with a vernier caliper. The smaller the breakpoint ratio is, the larger the fracture value grabbed by the sensor is, the larger the breakpoint ratio is, the smaller the consistency grabbed by the sensor is, and adjust the water volume and lotion volume in time

⑤ according to the retention of slurry in the left and right paving tanks, adjust the tilt angle of the tilt direction of the dividing tank; Adjust the left and right screw propellers to quickly push the slurry to both sides

⑥ control the speed of the loading part of the machine. During the operation of the machine, it should be able to maintain 2/3 of the slurry in the paving tank to ensure the continuity of the paving tank operation

⑦ during the interval of reloading after the paving of each truck, the paving trough must be removed and moved to the roadside to be sprayed and washed with water

⑧ after construction, turn off the main switches and raise the paving box so that the machine can easily drive to the cleaning site; Use high-pressure water on the paver to wash the mixing drum and paving box, especially the rubber scraper behind the paving box, which must be washed clean; For the lotion delivery pump and delivery pipeline, water should be used first, and then it needs to be replaced for more than 3 to 5 years). The lubricating oil is mobilgear632 (Mobil), and then diesel oil is injected into the lotion pump

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