Operation and skills of the hottest oil press

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Operation and skills of oil press

hydraulic oil press is mainly used for cold pressing of soybeans. The protein in soybean cake is not damaged, and can be used to make bean products such as tofu and soybean milk. The remaining residue can be used as feed and fertilizer, which is widely used

the hydraulic oil press is composed of two parts: hydraulic and press. Its common faults and troubleshooting are as follows

1. The reason for the failure of the safety valve is that its performance will not be disassembled, and the machine will be more and more environmentally friendly ① the oil is not clean, and dirt settles on the contact surface; ② The spring loses elasticity; ③ The adjusting screw is not loosened to the specified pressure; ④ The valve is bruised by the steel ball due to frequent overpressure operation. The corresponding troubleshooting methods are: ① disassemble and clean. If the valve port and valve needle are damaged, grind them

2. The reason for insufficient pressure of the hydraulic pump is that the oil outlet valve has dirt or poor contact; The screw plug of oil inlet and outlet valve on the press has poor contact with the valve seat or is not tightened, resulting in oil return; The wear clearance between the small piston and the pump body is too large. The corresponding elimination method is: grind it after disassembly and washing to make it close; Grind the oil inlet and outlet valve plug and valve seat on the press to make them close or tighten the plug; Replace the pump with a new one

3. The pressure gauge pointer cannot be maintained and drops rapidly because: ① the safety valve is not sealed; ② The plug of oil inlet and outlet valve is in poor contact with the steel ball; ③ The oil pipe joints, hydraulic cylinder plugs and hydraulic cylinder oil inlet holes are not tightened; ④ The three-way oil return valve and advanced steel technology and equipment ensure the first quality of its products; Advance and market monopoly, poor ball contact. The corresponding elimination methods are: ① grind the safety valve to make it close; ② Grind the oil inlet and outlet valves to make them close; ③ Tighten all oil pipe joints and hydraulic cylinder plugs; ④ Grind the oil return valve

4. The reasons for rocker jacking are: ① poor contact between oil outlet valve and steel ball; ② The spring head is separated from the steel ball. The corresponding troubleshooting methods are: ① grind the oil outlet valve and replace it with a new steel ball; ② Expand the spring head

5. The local reasons are: ① the cooking temperature of oil is inappropriate, the material temperature is too low, and the moisture content of cake blank is too high; ② Uneven thickness of cake blank; ③ When loading cakes, the folding of cakes is not correct; ④ Press too fast and too hard. The corresponding elimination methods are: ① take the appropriate steaming and frying direction, increase the material temperature to more than 85 ℃, and the water content is less than 7%; ② Pay attention to the uniformity of cake thickness when making cakes; ③ When loading the cake, the bad cake should be folded right; ④ Reduce the pressing speed appropriately

6. The reasons why the oil leaks from the gap between the hydraulic cylinder and the piston are as follows: ① the mouth of the leather bowl is wrongly installed upward; ② The leather cup is damaged. The troubleshooting is: reinstall the cup and replace it with a new one

2. The reason why the hydraulic pump cannot pump oil is that the oil filter is blocked; If the oil is used for too long, there is sediment attached to the oil inlet valve, so that the throttle is not tightly closed; The oil in the oil tank is too thick or solidified due to cold weather; ④ Insufficient oil in the oil tank; ⑤ There is no vacuum in the hydraulic pump. The corresponding elimination methods are: clean and filter the oil; Replace with new oil or drain the old oil; Filter and clean the oil inlet valve, and grind it to make it close well; ③ Replace the thin oil, and raise the room temperature in cold weather; ④ Add enough oil to the oil tank; ⑤ Pull out the small piston and inject oil before pressing

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