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Operation and safety of carbon arc gouging and cutting

② select and adjust the current according to the diameter of the carbon rod, make the air gouging gun clamp the carbon rod and adjust the external extension of the carbon rod to about 80 ~ 100mm. When the consumption reaches 30 ~ 40mm, readjust the extension length; Open the air valve and adjust the compressed air flow, so that the air port of the air gouging gun and the carbon rod are aligned with the parts to be planed

③ compressed air flow should be sent before arc striking to avoid carbon inclusion in the channel. At the end of planing, the arc should be broken first, and then the compressed air should be turned off. Ignite the arc by gently contacting the carbon rod with the workpiece. The included angle between the carbon rod and the workpiece should be small at the beginning, and gradually increase the included angle to the required angle. In the process of planing, the arc length, planing speed and included angle should be matched appropriately

④ the center line of the carbon rod should coincide with the center line of the groove, otherwise the groove shape is asymmetric

⑤ the planing speed should be kept uniform. A uniform and crisp hiss indicates that the arc is stable, and then a smooth and uniform planing groove can be obtained. Too fast is easy to short circuit, too slow is easy to break the arc, gouging quality common fault 7: poor quantity. When each small section of groove is connected, the arc should be struck on the arc pit to prevent the groove from being damaged or dented

⑥ when planing in the vertical position, it should be operated from top to bottom, so the effect of gravity is conducive to the removal of molten metal; When planing in the flat position, it can be operated from right to left or from left to right; When planing in the upward position, the molten metal is easy to fall due to the effect of gravity, and attention should be paid to prevent the molten metal from scalding the operator

⑦ when slotting on the back of the weld, pay attention to maintaining a certain angle of the carbon rod. The arc should be shorter (the arc length is about 3mm) and evenly planed forward to obtain a groove with uniform size and smooth surface. When planing deep grooves in thick plates, the method of planing by sections and layers shall be adopted

⑧ during the planing process, if the carbon rod is short circuited with the planing mouth, a hard brittle layer with high carbon content will be formed here, which must be removed before continuing the planing. When removing the cracks in the weld, especially one year after 2012 (Jinan experimental machine factory high-frequency decadent experimental machine) with rapid growth, part of the cracks should be planed first to avoid crack propagation. Then, plane downward continuously with a large amount of planing until the crack is completely removed

⑨ after grooving, carefully check whether the width and depth of the channel are consistent; Whether the defects in the weld root are completely removed; And pay attention to whether there is carbon inclusion. The iron slag, burrs and oxide skin on the groove and the edge shall also be removed, and the carbon dust and copper spots in the groove shall be removed with a wire brush

2. Safety protection of carbon arc gouging

① due to the strong arc light of carbon arc gouging, operators should wear dark goggles. To prevent the molten metal blown out from burning the work clothes and damaging the eyes, factor 1: the measurement and control system (i.e. software and hardware) of the electronic tensile testing machine should pay attention to fire prevention in the workplace

② there is a large amount of smoke during air gouging. Because the carbon rod is bonded with asphalt and the surface is plated with copper, the smoke contains 1% - 1.5% copper and produces harmful gases, so the operator should wear an air supply mask. When operating in containers or narrow parts, measures for environmental ventilation and timely discharge of smoke and dust must be strengthened

③ when carbon arc gouging, the current used is large, and attention should be paid to prevent the welding machine from overheating due to overload and long-term use. When air gouging, the noise is large, and the operator should wear earplugs. In addition to the above safety protection measures, the provisions on protective measures for shielded metal arc welding shall also be observed

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