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Operation and troubleshooting of semi-automatic box nailing machine

with the continuous development of packaging technology, the requirements for the appearance of corrugated boxes are becoming higher and higher, such as exquisite printing patterns, neat and beautiful nail line sealing boxes, etc. Therefore, the full-automatic/semi-automatic carton nailing machine is also more widely used in carton factories. Compared with the manual nail box machine, the full-automatic/semi-automatic nail box machine not only has high production efficiency, but also the nail distance of the nail box is uniform and beautiful. The main difference between the automatic box nailing machine and the semi-automatic box nailing machine lies in the automation of paper feeding. The paper feeding of the automatic box nailing machine is that the paper feeding device folds the paperboard and sends it to the box nailing part for box nailing; The semi-automatic carton nailing machine is manually folded and fed. Semi automatic nail box machine is generally of horizontal structure, which is divided into single-chip and two-piece nail box machine. The two-piece box nailing machine has complex structure and full functions, and can nail single-piece paper pendulum energy: box and two-page formed carton. Now we will introduce the two-piece nail box machine, hoping to help you

technical parameters

composition structure

as shown in Figure 1: oil pressure lifting paper carrier, nail car host, finished product conveying frame, roller frame

■ the paper loading table is lifted and lowered by the oil cylinder driven by the hydraulic oil pump. The upper and lower limit position travel switches are installed, and the lower limit mechanical limit device is installed for protection. The light eye control automatically rises to maintain the staff's paper feeding height, and the paperboard automatically drops after it is used up, reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency

■ the nail cart host includes: cardboard conveying mechanism, upper and lower nail heads, and finished product counting. Tested by SGS, FDA and other institutions,

the paperboard conveying mechanism consists of four upper and lower transmission rubber wheels and paper feeding rubber wheels, tailgate adjusting device, left and right baffles, transmission mechanism, etc

an electric adjusting device is used to adjust the gap of the paper feeding wheel, which is suitable for various types of paperboards with different thicknesses. Combined with the advantages of gear box and chain transmission, the nail head composite transmission design is easy to repair and maintain, with low failure rate and efficient transmission

■ electric control system:

the color touch screen provides a good man-machine interface to complete the automatic setting of nail distance, the setting and cancellation of reinforcing nails, fault finding, etc

plc programmable controller system is stable and reliable

the AC servo motor controls the advance and stop of the paperboard to ensure the uniformity and accuracy of the nail distance

■ automatic counting optical eye automatically counts and counts the output of finished products, and can set separation and delivery to cooperate with the end machine operation of the later stage

■ the key of nail box machine is the quality of nail car and nail head. The nail head is precisely developed from special steel. The patented swing shaped block is light and practical

basic operation

■ preparation process before nailing the box: manual hydraulic universal testing machine

root and test on the production line, and adjust the position of the main baffle according to the flap of the carton; Adjust the position of the left and right baffles and the position of the upper and lower nail heads. Note that the left and right baffles cannot be clamped too tightly, and ensure that the cardboard can be inserted and pulled out smoothly; After the mechanical adjustment is completed, set the touch screen computer:

carton height = original carton height - 40mm

number of carton nails

carton nail distance

whether to strengthen the setting work such as nails

single chip and double chip selection

after the above work is set, you can nail the box

■ actual process of nail box:

the servo motor feeds the cardboard, and the nail car motor drives the nail head to complete the nail box. The drive shaft driven by the nail head motor and equipped with clutch and brake drives the crank mechanism to realize the action of nail box under the action of clutch. When the first nail action is completed, the paperboard tailgate picks up the paperboard, and the crank mechanism acts in a step-by-step manner to drive the paper feeding roller to rotate. When the predetermined nail distance is reached, it stops, and the second nail operation is carried out immediately


■ nail head does not nail

nail head motor does not operate, check whether the solenoid valve trips

the nail head clutch does not act

snap the nail in the nail head, disassemble the side cover of the nail head, take out the punch, clean it, add lubricating oil and reinstall it

the auto start switch is not activated

when the single chip and double chip selector switches are placed on a single chip, the paper cannot be nailed automatically when it is fed

the photoelectric sensor switch of the upper nail head baffle does not act, adjust the sensing distance of the photoelectric switch

the axis of the lower guide rail cannot be sensed, resulting in nailing before the paper is fed

■ nail head continuous nailing

solid state relay is damaged, replace the DC solid state relay

proximity sensor switch failure

■ inaccurate positioning of nail head

check F3 fuse 3435 (AC)

f9 fuse 5051 (DC)

brake coil resistance wire 15

■ the left and right paperboard toothed paper feeding belts do not operate

the screen shows abnormal servo. Turn off the total power in the electrical box for 3 minutes and then turn it back on

check whether the bolt groove shaft of the toothed belt drive can rotate. After troubleshooting, press the screen instruction reset key to resume operation

when the servo motor is used with overcurrent, press the white plastic handle under the 10HP electromagnetic switch of the control box to recover

item type

■ the left and right paperboard paper feeding belts operate continuously after nailing

the photoelectric induction intensity of the right baffle counting is too strong. Adjust the one-sided knob on the side of the electric eye, and the clockwise intensity increases and the counterclockwise intensity weakens

■ the baffle does not open after the paperboard is sent.

the photoelectric of the baffle is not sensitive. The sensing distance should be adjusted, but it should not be adjusted too long and avoid sensing other things

the nail head is stuck. Disassemble the nail head, take out the broken nails and clean them

■ poor hook

the wire feeding length is less than 36mm. Check whether the wire feeding wheel spring is too loose or the guide rail is offset, causing wire feeding difficulties

the fixing screw of the wire feeding wheel is loosened, and the shaft axis is not aligned, and the spur gear is twisted and skewed

the nail line does not meet the specifications of this machine

the position of the bottom die of the nail head and the punch is not correct

■ the nail distance is inaccurate

the pressure gauge pressure is less than 2bar

the toothed belt is worn and the height is inconsistent

the left and right baffles are too tight, resulting in poor paper feeding

■ after the carton is formed, the length of the upper and lower covers is uneven

the toothed belt is seriously worn up and down, and the belt gap on both sides is too large or different

if the paper feeding is not sent to the baffle for positioning, press the switch to nail

the pressing line of the carton is not deep enough, and the deflection of the carton is too large when it is folded in half before nailing


the failure rate of the semi-automatic nail box machine is low and the reliability is high. Maintenance is very critical, so the following work should be done:

■ the upper nail head punch should be lubricated once a day, and the nail head should be disassembled every 30 days to clean and add oil

■ the lower nail head must be cleaned frequently because the nail line electroplating debris falls and accumulates in the punch, Disassemble the nail head

clean and refuel it, then install it back

■ the three gears of the left and right baffles of the bolt groove shaft of the paper feeding belt, and grease it once every 30 days

■ the clutch and brake can't have oil and water enter

■ the servo motor must be kept clean to avoid dust coverage, and the heat dissipation and dust filtration of the servo Marta driver should be cleaned frequently

■ the electrical control box should be kept clean to avoid short circuit caused by dust coverage

■ inside The axle of the outgoing line should be flexible and lubricated with grease

■ the fixed shaft of the nail head and the fixed shaft of the left and right baffle should be cleaned and lubricated with engine oil when moving

■ the upper and lower nail head transmission shafts, bolt groove shafts, and transmission screws should be lubricated with engine oil

■ the gears and chains in the power transmission box should be lubricated with grease for 30 days

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